This week we sat down with Head of Brokerage here at Betterhomes, Richard Waind, to get the lowdown on the UAE’s Biggest Open House – our first-of-its-kind event coming to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Saturday 6th October. He told us the whens, the hows, and the whys – as well as the thought process behind it, and why Betterhomes is the only brokerage in town capable of holding such a large-scale open house event.

Why are we doing this event?

The event will allow us to engage with as much of the market as possible across the UAE, both in sales and leasing. We are really looking to engage with anybody who is looking to buy or rent property in Dubai or Abu Dhabi within the next few months, and speak to as many of those people as possible. In order to do that, we really want to offer anyone who is looking to buy or rent in that time a really exceptional opportunity to find their home on the day, with some great offers up for grabs.

We’re going to be all over the radio this week and you’ll see even more information on our social media and our website – so we’re really making noise about this and getting people excited about what we’re doing.

Sounds great! So why should I sign up?

The event really is about offers, offers, offers. We have been hard at work contacting and communicating with all our clients, all our landlords and all our vendors to pull together the best deals in the market. This includes some exclusive pricing and fee waivers to ensure that anyone who does go ahead and buy on the day is really getting the best deal possible. And of course, they don’t need to seal the deal on the day itself – as long as they view the property on the day, they have 48 hours to confirm and still take advantage of our exclusive offers, so our clients can rest assured they won’t be rushed into anything either.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the offers which will be available on the day?

Absolutely! Our landlords and vendors are offering a number of special deals for one day only on their properties. They will be offered on selected units, and will include offers such as 100% commission waivers – that’s the agency fee completely covered. The 4% DLD fee will also be waived on selected properties, and in addition to that, we’ll be seeing some rather large price reductions in the region of 10% and 20%. On the landlord side of things, we’ve got some landlords offering 13 months for the price of 12, and again commission free transactions on certain properties. In addition to all this, Betterhomes are also offering a 10% reduction on conveyancing fees for anyone who purchases a property through the event. All offers will be locked in on the day and will be valid for a period of 48 hours.



If I’m already a landlord or a vendor with Betterhomes, can I sign up to the event?

Yes. If you’re a landlord with Betterhomes, hopefully one of our team has already been in touch with you to get you involved. And of course, if you’re a landlord or a vendor not with Betterhomes, and you would like to get involved and have your property showcased at this event, then please do get in touch.

Will this be a one-off event?

This is the first time we’ve attempted anything this big! We have well over 3,000 properties available, including several exclusive projects for sales and leasing to take advantage of – Green Community Phase III, Al Ferdous in Al Safa and Larimar Apartments in Emirates Living 2. We are hoping that this event will be welcomed by the market and obviously that it is successful in securing tenancies and sales for as many of our vendor and landlord clients as possible – if so we’d very much like to replicate that success in the future!

How is it that we have 3,000 properties available to view in one day?

Well our portfolio of properties is actually nearer 5,000. What we are doing on the day is making 3,000 available to view, and of those 3,000, about 2,000 are part of the exclusive projects I mentioned earlier. These projects have a huge amount of choice for tenants and will offer a lot of value and flexibility to them.

Where did the idea come from – was it your idea?

Yes, it was my idea! I’ve never done anything on this scale before, frankly because to actually do something on this scale is very difficult. We’re the only brokerage in town that I think could do it, what with the sheer size of our portfolio and of course our size in terms of our brokerage team. I think we’re the only ones that could actually pull it off. We’ve also got our footprint across the UAE whereas most brokerages here are just Dubai-based.

How can I find out more information?

Our customer care team are available on 044090990 from 8am until 8pm every day, and from 1pm until 6pm on Fridays. They’ll be able to match you with the best agent for your desired community who will then be able to answer any questions you have.

How do I sign up?

You can call or visit our website, and register your interest. One you’ve done that, one of our local community experts will be in contact to tell you what special offers and properties we have available in your community on the day. You can also get in touch with your agent if you are a client of Betterhomes and they will tell you everything you need to know.


The UAE’s Biggest Open House will take place Saturday 6th October, across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with access to over 3,000 properties. Visit or call 044090990 now to get involved.





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